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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

The long in short

Many things have happened since I last wrote, but I will keep it simple and tell you the basics-

- My boyfriend is a total BAMF and threw (javelin) the Olympic A Standard in Chicago over the weekend. He PRed by 4 meters with his throw of 82.31 and is currently second in the U.S. to a guy who threw barely further just minutes before his throw. The two furthest throws in the U.S. in about three years. He throws for a spot on Team USA next week. Check out his website to send him a comment or message of encouragement. USA!USA!USA! He's the best :).

- I bought a plane ticket to Scotland- in Spanish. I bought it in Spanish because I realized that was easier than figuring out how to change the language setting. I will arrive in Scotland on the evening of July 24th.

- This weekend I went to La Manga with the family I live with because they have friends with a boat there. La Manga is this really thin strip of land between the Mar Menor and the Mar Mediterraneo. You can walk from one body of water to the other in literally 2 minutes. The Mediterranean beaches there are world class, and while the Mar Menor is a really cool experience but it should be called El Mar de Medusas Millones (The Sea of a Million Jellyfish). I had never seen a jellyfish in my life before this, but I saw enough to fill a lifetime in one day. Everyone I was with got stung at least once, but I somehow managed to escape this fate. Even though I went diving with goggles and my underwater camera and was absolutely surrounded by them. It was insane.

- This week I am teaching 5 volleyball classes at a school here- in Spanish. Lord help me. I forgot how to say thumb (pulgar) several times yesterday, but the kids helped me out. It was fun.

- I take my tests this week to determine my Spanish level! Wish me luck.

- I head north in 2.5 weeks to spend the rest of my time in Spain on the north coast, in La Coruña. I am going to do the English Way of the Camino de Santiago at some point.

The next three months look like this for me- Southern Spain, Northern Spain, Scotland, London, Wales, Ireland, New York, Connecticut, Newport, Boston, (New Hampshire Vermont Maine Canada New Foundland Nova Scotia- yet to be planned), East Coast road trip, final destination for a little while- Florida Keys. Whoa, how am I ever going to edit all these photos and video?

An old one from Semana Santa, but I love it because that old guy's name is Hermano Gaspar and he is one of my favorite people here.

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  1. 1. Way to go, Craig!
    2. Buena suerte for the volleyball class & exam stuff!
    3. Hurray for Scotland!
    4. My grandpa walked the entire Camino a few years ago; I'd love to do part of it sometime. Can't wait to hear about it!
    5. Insert another exclamatory phrase here!


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