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Saturday, January 28, 2012


I think I am starting to grasp speaking the language more and more. The other day someone told me I spoke Spanish well, and although I completely disagree it was nice to hear that I'm on the right track. I have a new Spanish friend named Yolanda and every morning we are getting together and working on our English and Spanish. She has to pass an intense English exam to graduate from the university and she speaks even less English than I do Spanish. It will certainly help speed up both of our understandings of either language.

People here ask me if I miss my friends, my boyfriend and all the comforts of home often. To be honest I do miss everyone, and sometimes I really miss the sense of security and familiarity I have at home. But there is uncertainty and a healthy amount of anxiety attached to every new learning experience I think. It is what it is, and you either deal with it or you don't. Not dealing with it has never really been an option I'd consider.

Tomorrow we are going to the what is the equivalent of Cirque du Soleil in España. On a completely different note, I don't like that when I have to write "ñ" on my computer I have to click "option- n, n" It's complicated. The Macs here have the an extra key.

Anyway, I hope everyone is well back in the states. I really do miss you all :)

Some more of the country side.

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  1. Sounds like you are doing well.....miss eating lunch with you in the caf! We are having a mild winter! Go figure..........Melanie and I will head to the Rockies for taste of winter in March during spring break.


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