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Sunday, January 22, 2012

Road trip

How did I get so lucky?! My time in Espana has been nothing short of totally kick ass, and I've only been here two weeks. If the next few months are anything like the last couple weeks I will see endless amounts of incredible things.

This weekend we went on a mini road trip in the Valle de Ricote. Totally mind blowing is all I have to say. I want to go back on my own or with a friend when I can speak fluently so I can explore each little town we went through. The streets get so narrow you think your car might not fit and there is no way two cars could fit! Some of the back road "highways" are incredibly frightening to drive on with sheer cliffs on sides and narrow, bumpy roads. In other words, awesome to the max. What beautiful countryside and interesting people. I wanted to talk to everyone! I think small towns are the best way to experience any culture, whether in the United States or abroad. I love the city's too, but come on there is nothing like a Spanish mountain top town. Of course, everyone stares at me like I'm from another planet. Red hair will do that in places like Spain. I'm used to it now. Anyway, if I could go back and somehow photograph the people...that would be EPIC.

I also got to ride a horse, chill with a shetland pony, and hang out with some awesome Spanish people. Life is good.

One of the many awesome views from the weekend in the Valle de Ricote.

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