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Saturday, January 14, 2012


It's really weird to think sometimes about where you are in life and particularly the moment you are in. When I was in Chanute, at first I thought time couldn't go by any slower. Then, the last year and especially the last month before I left, time was just flying by. Before I knew it I was in New York and Connecticut. And when I was with Craig everyday for five days I thought time couldn't go by any faster. Every moment was precious, especially considering I might not see him for another year or so.

Now, in Spain, time has a weird way of going fast and slow all at the same time. I stagger between points of complete disbelief that I am here and total immersion in my situation. I guess the best I can do is keep stepping forward. It has always been important to me to put myself out of my comfort zone. How do you know you are truly living otherwise? I certainly don't want a life where everything is familiar and comfortable all the time. Not to say that isn't nice occasionally, and perhaps often later in my life.

It is safe to say I am out of my comfort zone now, which is scary and exciting.  I'm currently watching That 70's Show in Spanish...haha! Dubbed over t.v. is strange, but you get used to it after a while.

I met the coaches for Voley Murcia and they said I can train with them any time. I watched their practice and they are a very good team. I also went and watched the second division team because I thought they might be more appropriate for me to start out with after not playing for 2 months. I spoke with their coach too, but she had a different reaction than the division I coach. She said they already have 14 players and she didn't want me to take any of the girls' spots (Their level is lower than the other team and I could definitely play for them). I said I simply wanted to practice so I can be prepared for August, but she still seemed apprehensive. I don't know what I will do. If I practice with the first division team the worst that could happen is I could suck and they ask me not to come back. So we will see. I still need to figure out how to get to the gym on my own!

Inma and Jose want me to drive here, but I don't know if I'm ready for that yet. They drive like crazy people! The lines on the road apparently aren't too important.

I met an American girl who works at the school the kids go to, and I was really happy about that. It was good to speak English if only for a few minutes. She said she knows a lot of English speaking people here and we can get together when we need to feel at home. Friends are good. I'm totally pro-friends, English speaking or otherwise.

I've seen the sunset from the mountain side overlooking Murcia two nights now. So beautiful. All I want out of life is to do everything I have ever wanted to do. Too much? I think not :)

Catedral de Murcia

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