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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Bilingual Beggars

I started my Spanish class this week and I absolutely love it! There are people from all over Europe in it and it's so cool to meet all of them and attempt to speak Spanish together. I'm having so much fun in the class already, and the teacher is great. It's a really relaxed atmosphere and we laugh a lot.

After class tonight I was walking to the bookstore to purchase my book for class with a couple other people. When we walked by someone begging for money he heard us speaking English and switched automatically over to English. Aside from that he was relatively well dressed. I have seen several people that could fit this description. I can't imagine one of these people on the streets of New York.

I also think I have failed to mention that I'm taking guitar lessons here. A guy comes to the house once and week to give lessons to the kids and Inma asked me if I wanted to have lessons too. I said I certainly wouldn't turn them down so now I have been taking lessons for a few weeks.

Alas, it is the Lenten Season again. I'm giving up negative thoughts for Lent. Negative thoughts about others and myself. Who needs them anyway? Nothing but positivity from now until eternity! Or at least until Easter. Maybe the habit will stick.

Loretico at a museum in Murcia that were ancient ruins were discovered only 7 years ago.

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