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Thursday, March 8, 2012

Gypsy market

I went to the gypsy market today, and it was awesome to the max! I really enjoy the company of gypsies. They are such characters, and Spanish speaking ones are no exception. I bought a pair of sunglasses (only 4 Euros) and I'm going back next week with a friend from England so she can experience it too! Think Canal Street in NYC, but replace the chinese people with Spanish gypsies. And it's all outside in the beautiful sunshine.

I have started dreaming in Spanish. Well not entirely in Spanish, but people speak Spanish to me in my dreams. It's awesome. Learning a new language gives new meaning to the term "you learn something new everyday." I'm learning a lot of new things everyday and it's been such a roller coster. Today is the two month mark. Two whole months here in Spain, and I only have five left. Time goes always seems to go faster than I think it will and it's getting better everyday.

Hanging out with a gypsy named Jose. Here he was shouting to his friend across the street that he was talking to an American. Then he started shouting about deals on shoes.

Fruit, tomatoes, and italian candy.

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