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I'm spending all of 2012 learning and experiencing new things. This blog is my way of documenting it all, while keeping my family and friends back in the states in the loop. Here's to 2012. Check out my website- Kat Carney Photography

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Letting go

I don't remember having this kind of nervousness all the other times I moved. Maybe it's because I'm older and more practical, and in a way I know what to expect. Maybe it's because this is the biggest move I have ever made. Maybe it's because I don't speak the language of the place I'm going. Maybe it's because I am facing fears and chasing dreams, and doesn't that tend to be nerve racking?

Naturally, there is one more obstacle before I go. I realized today I lost my debit card. I literally have no idea where it is or when I lost it. I never use it, but it could come in handy overseas if they don't take Discover some places. I guess I'll have to drop by the bank tomorrow morning before my flight. I wonder if they mail stuff to Spain.

Well, here goes nothing. So long Kansas. See you in a couple years...maybe :)

Beautiful Kansas


  1. You will be glorious! I can't wait to experience your adventures through your blog. You have greatness in you dear Kat, share it with the world!!!!

  2. Maravillosa fotografĂ­a,me ha dejado alucinado.
    me encanta =)
    un abrazo!!

  3. viva Spain! Have a blast my friend :D


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