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Friday, December 23, 2011

Old letters

I have been sorting through everything I own for the last few days in preparation for paring it down to one suitcase and one carry on piece of luggage that I will need to live out of for the next year and a half.

I love traveling light.  When you travel a lot it is so much easier to pack light. You learn that almost no one sees you wear the same thing twice anyway! In fact, I love living with practically nothing. I don't like owning things. I don't like the way things seem to anchor people down. It's as if it becomes such a pain to move everything that they don't ever bother doing it. I can fit pretty much everything I own into my car, and I still think I have too much stuff. I don't really even like owning a car! But I do love being mobile, so I guess that comes with the territory when living in most parts of the states.

I'm looking forward to simplifying life (in some ways) and packing so little for such a long period of time. However, there are some things I can't live without: my camera(s) and all my lenses and my macbook are all that really come to mind.

I've never really had a hard time letting material possessions go. It's the sentimental things that get me. Today I found a bunch of old letters- from friends past and present, ex-boyfriends (and their families), and even the current boyfriend :).

I love looking back and remembering all the good times I've had in my life through these letters. I have been so blessed to experience so much in what seems to be so little time. I'm only 24 after all.

What I found truly hilarious is that at least half of the letters had some sort of comment about how stubborn I am and how I always find a way to get what I want.  Also, almost all of them were written when I really needed some kind words during a rough spot in my life (my many transitions and knee surgeries ect...)

It's amazing how much those who love you believe in you, even when sometimes you don't believe in yourself. I need to do a better job of telling people what they mean to me and why I love them so much.

Life is almost always pretty killer, but sometimes life sucks as much as curves on dirt roads when it's really dry outside and you can't see where you're going. But if you walk out of the wreckage only slightly bruised and scratched (maybe with a broken rib or jaw and your friends are there to get you out of jail) then you are doing all right. (haha...Jana, you are the best!)

I love Paulo Coelho's wisdom.

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