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Saturday, December 17, 2011

Turning over a new leaf

Yesterday was hard. I packed up all my stuff and said my final goodbyes in Chanute and then drove out of town for the last time in a long time. I consider myself fortunate for being able to spend the last two years with the people in that town. There is something special about living in a small town. I always thought I was a city girl, not that Wichita is huge or anything. But when I moved to New York and loved it, I thought maybe that was the life for me. Now I don't know because I love the outdoors, I love being able to see the stars, and I love being able to drive for two minutes and be on a dirt road in the middle of nowhere.

The city in Spain I'm going to live in is about the size of Wichita, so it's not too big. But it also boasts beautiful beaches, crystal clear waters, and 70 degree weather in the winter. Not too shabby :)

Goodbye country living, hello beach living. I did a story on this cowboy for the Tribune because he was headed to Team Roping Nationals in Wyoming. It was on of my first experiences with the rodeo and it was a blast! His family was so nice and his dad and brother wouldn't stop talking about how proud they were of him. So cute!

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  1. this small town will miss you too Kat...


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